Dedicated to supporting people to improve their mental health

PureCare was set up in 2006 in response to the growing need to provide excellent resources to care managers who have clients with mental health needs. We are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission

Our Clients

PureCare supports clients with a wide range of mental health needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we look past the labels typically associated with mental health and will accept clients with drug or alcohol related issuesforensic histories as well as dual diagnosis clients (as long as the main diagnosis is mental health related). The most important factors for us in determining the suitability of clients is to decide whether we believe we can produce successful outcomes for the individual concerned and, in the case of residential clients, whether that person will complement the existing dynamics of the house.

Our Staff

Our staff have a broad skillset boasting QCFs (formerly NVQs), degrees and other relevant qualifications as well as a wealth of time spent in the field of mental health.

All staff are subjected to a rigorous recruitment process which, ultimately, is at the heart of why PureCare is as able as it is today.

As a bare minimum, all of our staff either have achieved, or are working towards a QCF level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care.

Mission Statement

At PureCare we believe that everyone is an individual with the same rights and opportunities.

Therefore the mission of PureCare is to work with individuals with mental health issues to take control of their lives to fulfil their needs, preferences and aspirations.

Our aims

  • To offer the highest quality of support provided by a high quality team of staff, who themselves are valued, empowered and well trained.

  • To assist people to exercise their rights.

  • To value people as individuals and welcome the fact that we are all different. We focus our support on being person-centred, open, honest and structured.

  • To listen and work together with people with mental health issues, their relatives, friends and care agencies.

  • To take a holistic and therapeutic approach in supporting people’s needs, encouraging people to access the local community to fulfil their needs and widen their social networks.


The staff at PureCare were really great during my time there. They always supported me when I needed it. I had and still have a great rapport with staff from both Rock House and Mulberry House and still stay in contact with them even after it being a year since I moved on. I also have many good memories. Purecare played a big part in my recovery and always made time to speak to my care team.

PureCare Client

Our Support

We provide support in a helpful and structured environment so that people are enabled to exercise the maximum control over their lives. At its core:

  • EVERYONE is assisted to ENGAGE in meaningful activity.
  • People are enabled to express their preferences and experiences.
  • Staff develop an ‘enabling’ style. They involve people in everyday activities and avoid doing things for our clients just because it’s quicker, or simply less of a problem to do it that way.
  • Activities are real, everyday activities, not invented ones. Consistency of approach by each and every staff member is paramount.
  • Staff need to work as a team on establishing how they will organise the support they give to each individual person.
  • Staff carefully monitor the extent to which individual clients take part in ordinary activities with the right level and type of support. Plans are regularly monitored and modified. Meetings help to ensure consistent strategies.

The PureCare Team

Joann Pixton

Rock House

Residential (15 beds)
Gillingham, Kent ME7 5PY
T: 01634 280703 (ext. 1)

Mulberry House

Supported Living (10 beds)
Gillingham, Kent ME7 4JH
T: 01634 280703 (ext. 2)

Michelle Mitchell

Aspen House

Residential (16 beds)
Maidstone, Kent ME16 0SH
T: 01634 280703 (ext. 3)

Julie Calvert

Brook House

Residential (7 beds)
Gillingham, Kent ME7 4EA
T: 01634 280703 (ext. 4)

Jayley Page

Springbank House

Residential (15 beds)
East Sussex TN40 2FQ
T: 01424 231576

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01634 280703

Rock House
109 Rock Avenue
Kent ME7 5PY

PureCare is a trading name of PureCare Care Services Limited and is registered in England and Wales.

Registration number: 13976040.
Registered office: Rock House, 109 Rock Avenue,

Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5PY

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